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Content Management

LWNet designed and developed and continues to improve its own content management system.  It has been used on many of our clients' websites since 2003.  Our own website is managed by the latest version of our CMS software.

The software was born from a need to be able produce websites that can be maintained by our customers.  We were aware of other products that would provide this functionality, however we felt that they were lacking in important features that we knew our customers would want. So we built are own! 

Why have content management?

Web content needs to be managed and updated to keep up with the changing face of your business.  Imagine being your own webmaster.  If you want to have a new page on your site, you can build it, upload graphics yourself and place them on your pages!  You can assign your own keywords for searching, and even make certain pages for your members only. 

Accessibility and W3 standards are important, which is why pages build using our CMS meet these important guidelines.

Take control!

With the LWNet Content Management System (CMS), there is no limit to the size and scope of your website, and with optional modules such as the Form Builder, Discussion Forums and Feedback

This website is driven by the LWNet CMS.

Indeed, the very reason the CMS was written in the first place was to allow our clients to manage their own content.  It has since become the very engine that drives all our new websites, thus it has been developed into a robust yet flexible system which we are proud to offer as a flagship product.

How does it work?