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Form Builder

An essential part of any website is the "contact us" page.  Experienced Internet users expect it, and Internet beginners find it so useful that so it has become a standard item. 

The Form Builder module is a simple-to-use tool for creating and configuring forms.  You can have as many forms as you wish, on as many pages as you wish.

The Form Builder allows you to set each form to send the collected information to any email address.  Each form can have any number of different fields, all of which have the option of being mandatory, in any combination of:

  • Single line text box
  • Multi-line text box
  • Email address (with email address validation)
  • Radio button list
  • Checkbox list
  • Single checkbox

Once the form is configured, it is can be placed anywhere on any page using the WYSIWYG editor.  When someone views your page, the form fields, labels and buttons are all inserted for you.