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MP3 Player

The MP3 Player module gives you streaming audio (in standard MP3 format) on your pages.

Site administrators use the Site Management area to upload MP3 files and configure playlists. These playlists appear as available modules to be inserted anywhere in any page.

There is no limit to the number of MP3 files you can have (apart from available disk space in your hosting plan), and you can configure as many playlists as you like. An MP3 file may be part of more than one playlist, giving maximum flexibility.

To the right is a demo of the module. We have uploaded some royalty free sound files to use in our demostration. Simply select from the pull-down menu and the music will begin to play.

We produce and maintain a number of websites for professional musicians. These sites make use of the MP3 player to showcase their material to potential clients. See our Portfolio for examples.

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