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Picture Gallery

A picture of a summer scene. Blue skies, green grass
A cat sitting in the grass
Mount Teide, Tenerife
Grand Canyon from a helicopter

Picture / photo galleries are an extremely useful way of displaying pictures on a web page.  The most globally-popular websites all have their own, but the idea is still the same.  Most picture galleries are a collection of small images (known as "Thumbnails").  When a visitor clicks one of the images, the system expands it to it's full-size. 

Pictures are generally quite large files, and can cause pages to load more slowly.  However, by using a gallery, your pictures are displayed much smaller and loading time is not affected too much.  Also, the actual length of the page can be very long when images are just placed ad-hoc onto a page.  A gallery keeps everything nice and tidy.

The Picture gallery from LWNet does exactly this.  Our system can support multiple galleries on one page, or on multiple pages.  The administration section of the system allows your galleries to be created and pictures added.  You can also specify the full-size dimensions that your pictures will be displayed at.  This is particularly useful as not all our customers are able to resize their own images.  Our system can re-size any image format, and optomize it for maximum download speed.