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Feedback from our customers

RDDS - R&D Design Services Ltd

Products supplied:

  • Content Management System
  • Googlemap module
  • Product catalogue module
  • Additional bespoke development
  • Email integration with internal email system
  • After sales support

Customer's comments:

"LWNET has provided us with the solution to the problem of effectively displaying our products to prospective and current clientele in an aesthetic, professional looking and easy to navigate website. We would highly recommend their services as the initial setup of the website is quick and easy even for someone with fairly basic knowledge of computing. This is all down to the content management system that arranges the information for you in the background. Uploading more content to the website is very quick and easy yet still remains robust and to a great level of quality for the end user.

They also have a fantastic after sales service with quick and concise responses to queries and able to customise your website even further."

James Sullivan - Managing Director
Alex Savage - Engineering & IT