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Screenshot of the BandBase Online website homepage
Screenshot of the Jazz Police website homepage
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Screenshot of the Mandy Reynolds website homepage
Screenshot of the Perry White website homepage
Screenshot of the Rubber Biscuit website homepage
Screenshot of the Bass Guitarist website homepage
Screenshot of the Umbrellamen website homepage
Screenshot of the Wild Tracks Kent website homepage
Screenshot of the RDDS website homepage
Screenshot of The Minnis website homepage
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Screenshot of the JustAbeaD website
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Every website we have produced has led to a recommendation from a happy client. We pride ourselves on this fact, and on a service to our clients that is second-to-none.

BandBase Online

An online live music guide. Artistes can have free page with a photo and sample MP3 tracks, plus performance dates. These dates are organised into a national guide which is searchable across the entire site.

The Bass Guitarist

A website for a professional bass guitarist. The site is a used to promote services and act as a point of contact, as much of the client's work is freelance.


A professional four-piece jazz band. The website showcases the band, provides photos and sample tracks via a virtual jukebox, and even sells their CDs via our custom eCommerce program.

Jazz Police

Being a website for a band, this site has all the features of the Hullabaloo site.

Just A beaD

An online shop selling unique hand-crafted jewellery. Our customer was able to catagorise and upload all the items herself using our eCommerce program.

Kent Association of Pharmacy Technicians

A central information point for Pharmacy Technicians registered in the UK. The organisation nominates a member each year who has responsibility for managing the site content using our build-in content management system.

Mandy Reynolds

Mandy is a performing artiste providing vocal entertainments to various venues such as pubs, clubs and festivals. Her website features a gallery of professional photographs, samples tracks (playable via our MP3 player), performance dates, and a feedback page.

The Minnis

The Minnis Bar and Restaurant is a superb gourmet establishment, specialising in seafood cuisine. The site is regularly updated with new menus, and news and events. There are regular live music nights, and these dates are obtained from the BandBase database.

Perry White

A website for a professional pianist. Perry wanted a website to promote his recent album. He decided on our eCommerce option to sell the CD. His site also features playable tracks via our MP3 player.

R & D Design Services Ltd (RDDS)

RDDS are global leaders in the field of avioncs and aviation surveillance monitors. Their products are used around the world by the military, police and rescue services. Their site provides company information and news, contact details etc. They have made use of the Product Catalogue part of our eCommerce program to showcase their products.

Rubber Biscuit

Another of our band websites. This site provides news about the band, feedback from fans, and downloadable MP3 tracks. The site also has up-to-date performance dates which are obtained on-demand from the BandBase database, and a booking form.

Umbrella Men

Yet another of our band websites! Umbrella Men are a quality band playing to a wide variety of audiences from pubs and clubs to large outdoor festivals.

Wild Tracks Kent Ltd

An off-road carting track, based in just on the outskirts of Canterbut, Kent. The Wild Tracks Kent website contains photographs of the circuit, other facilities including an assult course, and the clubhouse. There are pages detailing the different parties catered for, and a customer feedback page.