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Products and services



Take the LWNet CMS and add a fully cusomizable online store, and you have our E-Commerce package!

Your store can sell as many products as you like, and your can organise them into as many categories and sub-categories as you like

The payment process can be integrated into many popular checkout providers, such as Paypal, Google Checkout and World Pay.

Boxshot image for the E-Commerce website package

Your new E-Commerce site will include the following:

  • Initial consultation
  • A professional and exciting looking website
  • Conformity to web standards and accessibility guidelines
  • Up to 10 seperate email addresses
  • As many pages as you like!
  • As many products categories and products as you like!
  • Search engine friendly content
  • Assistance with domain registration and/or transfer

Optional modules available:

You can find out more about the modules here

  • Form builder (for creating email forms etc)
  • Announcements + RSS news feed
  • Guestbook
  • Forums
  • Picture gallery
  • MP3 Player
  • Online polls
  • Related content list
  • Recently added items list
  • E-Commerce Store
  • Special offers listings + RSS news feed