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Picture of a checklist on clipboardBefore a site is deployed to the internet, it is placed on our testing server.  We use this server to perform a number of tests to make sure everything is ready before the site goes live.

Visual check

Our quality control checklist begins with a visual check of the site.  We make sure the site displays properly in the most popular web browsers (Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, Safari), using both Windows and Mac systems.

All pages must use the consistant colour scheme for text, headings, paragraphs and links.

All images must display correctly, at the correct size, and be optimized so that they do not cause page loading times to be too high.

Software testing

We test the entire site using professional software tools that scan your entire site.  These tools report any broken links, missing images, legal issues, and coding and accessibility issues.  Using these reports, we can quickly root out and fix potential problems, before the site goes live.

These tools also help us to fine-tune your website content so that it will be properly indexed with the major search engines.

When the site test results are acceptable, only then will your site be deployed to the internet.

A small example of our quality control checks:

  • Visual checking
  • Navigation
    Broken link checks, consistancy
  • Search
    site search results
  • Images
    (quality, compression, file size, loading time)
  • Accessibility
    (text-resizing, widescreen,  Image alt text, tooltips, form labels)
  • Legality
    Terms and conditions, Privacy policy, website disclaimer
  • Coding
    Xhtml compliance