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Web Design

We don't make claims that our approach to web design unique, but we do know that it is right. The process from start to finish is a well established throughout our industry, and although it can vary slightly, effective standards have evolved, which we adopt. 

Experienced web users will expect to find certain key parts of a website in a certain place.  For example, the navigation will usually appear at the top or to the left, or maybe both.  There will be a search facility which will always be in the same place.  Colours will be consistent.  All this is fairly standard.  If a designer moves too far away from this familiar pattern, then the results will be confusing for visitors.  When such standards exist, there is no point in re-inventing the wheel!

Our websites adopt familiar layouts that are proven to be successful.  Usability tests conducted by ourselves, and independently, have shown that adopting standards is the best way to keep your visitors.  It also increases the chances that they will return. 

You can read more about our design approach here